CO Alarms

CO Alarms Protect Your Family

There’s a reason most of your friends and neighbors have had CO alarms installed in their homes. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer – invisible, tasteless, and odorless, breathing it is the leading cause of poisoning and death in the United States.

Carbon monoxide is produced from the incomplete burning of natural gas and other carbon based substances. The only trustworthy way to determine whether carbon monoxide is present is to have CO alarms mounted on every level of your home and in all bedrooms. If CO levels inside your home rise above a certain level, the alarm will sound and give you the head start you need to take necessary precautions.

Climatech Air, Inc. provides CO alarms with high tech sensors to meet the needs of all homes and businesses throughout Savannah and the surrounding area. All of our carbon monoxide detectors are certified and meet all safety standards. We can help you choose the right alarm for your needs and budget, and will handle installation and maintenance, too.

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  • Preferred™ Series Carbon Monoxide Alarm

    With advanced sensor technology, you can now monitor the CO level of your house while being alerted in the case of hazardous levels.