Fan Coils

Fan Coils Improve Air Flow and Increase HVAC Efficiency

Improve your cooling unit's airflow, boost efficiency, and increase the comfort level in your home with a high efficiency fan coil. The fan coil works in tandem with your unit, and when functioning properly you will notice improved heat pump performance - as high as 2 points in SEER rating of your heating and cooling! Ultimately this will result in reduced energy bills and increased comfort.

Your Fan Coil Experts

If you need a new fan coil for your HVAC unit, Climatech Air's trained technicians can expertly diagnose and repair any problem you are having and help you choose the fan coil that will work best for your needs. Your fan coil must be the same brand as your HVAC unit, and our expert technicians will also handle installing your new fan coil, so your system will be up and running as quickly as possible.

If you are unsure whether your fan coil is working properly, or if you need a new high efficiency fan coil and installation, call 912-355-0923 or contact us online now.

  • Evolution® System Fan Coil

    Evolution® fan coils are extremely adaptable and user friendly with an Evolution® control board and smart diagnostics. Homeowners can enjoy year round savings over 10% through an Evolution® fan coil.

  • Preferred™ Series Fan Coil

    Improve HVAC efficiency up to 2 SEER and save on heating and cooling with a Preferred™ Series fan coil. Featuring a variable speed blower and fan this coil offers savings throughout the year.

  • Legacy™ Line Fan Coil

    Enjoy higher efficiency from you heating and cooling systems while paying less on energy costs after installing a Legacy™ Line fan coil. These coils also help improve the quality of air in your home and are simple to maintain with a washable filter.