Humidifiers Help Increase Home Comfort Levels and Lower Energy Costs

Do you have cracked and dry skin and nasal passages, dry itchy eyes, or find that you are catching more colds than you used to? You might need to give some thought to installing humidifiers in your home. Even if your cooling and heating system is functioning properly, your home or business could have unbalanced humidity levels, which impacts the quality of your indoor air. Climatech Air, Inc. offers professional humidity management for your home or business with the highest quality humidifiers to effectively monitor and improve indoor air moisture levels and help promote a healthy environment.

Find Health and Savings With a Humidifier

If you or any of your family members suffer from asthma or allergies, controlling the humidity in your home is vital, because the dry air can exacerbate these health conditions, and can sometimes lead to serious illnesses. You and your family members shouldn't be uncomfortable and suffer in your own home.

In addition, because dry air in your home doesn't retain heat as well as humidified air, you could be paying a heating bill that is unnecessarily high. By keeping your home's humidity level properly controlled, you can lower the thermostat and still keep your home comfortable while saving money on your monthly utility bills.

Choose the Right Humidifier for Your Home

Climatech Air will work with you to choose a top-quality humidifier that will meet your particular needs, including your budget. Our models will make the air in your home cleaner to create a healthy and comfortable environment for you and your family. You'll feel an improvement almost immediately as your home's humidity reaches the optimum level.

If you live in the Savannah area, you can count on Climatech Air to provide you with the highest-quality single-room or whole-house humidifiers, expert professional installation, repair, and regular maintenance.

Contact us today to find out more about the humidity control services we offer to protect your family's comfort and health. Let them help you make your home's indoor air as comfortable, safe, and healthy as possible.

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  • Preferred™ Series Large Fan-Powered Humidifier

    With a daily capacity of around 18 gallons and electric fan operation, this is the perfect choice for larger homes or spaces. This is an extremely quiet approach to solving indoor humidity issues.

  • Preferred™ Series Bypass Humidifier

    As an add-on to your existing heating equipment, this humidifier allows for complete water efficiency usage. There is almost no noise of operation as this humidifier utilizes the blower motor in the existing heating system.

  • Preferred™ Series Steam Humidifier

    The largest daily output of Bryant humidifiers, this humidifier has a capacity of 34 gallons. Water delivery is refined, allowing for more exact control over indoor humidity levels.