Improve Your Home Air Quality with Proper Home Ventilation

There's good news and bad news about modern home construction, and you'll want to pay attention if your home is on the newer end of the spectrum. New homes are designed and built to remain tightly sealed - and that's a huge advantage when it comes to keeping your indoor air temperature in a comfortable range without spending a fortune on your utility bills. The bad news is, because your home is practically airtight, that means any pollutants, odors, or contaminants circulating in your indoor air are trapped there.

Your airtight home may have poor indoor air quality, which can cause serious health problems, especially for people who have respiratory health issues. Mold, mildew, pet dander, dust, and fumes from cleaning products may be circulating in the air you breathe - and that's not good for anyone's health.

Benefits of Air Ventilation Systems

Air ventilation systems can help. They are an affordable and very effective way to infuse your indoor air with fresh, filtered air to improve indoor air quality. The right filtration system gives you the money-saving benefits of modern construction, plus the clean, fresh air everyone wants to breathe. Today's ventilation products allow your HVAC system to release contaminated harmful air outside, returning healthy, clean air back into your home.

Climatech Air, Inc.'s indoor air experts offer a complete selection of ventilation products to help you make your home's indoor air quality score soar - and that means better air for your family to breathe.

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  • Preferred™ Series Energy Recovery Ventilator

    Perfect for humid climates with hot summers, this horizontally vented ventilator can bring expel stale air while pulling in fresh air without affecting indoor humidity levels.

  • Preferred™ Series Energy Recovery Ventilator

    Built for vertical venting, this ventilator provides homeowners in hot and humid climates a solution for fresher air no matter the conditions outside.

  • Preferred™ Series Energy Recovery Ventilator

    This ventilator is a year round solution to stuffy indoor air. Incoming air is filtered, humidity controlled, and kept separate from outgoing air for the freshest home possible.