Preventative Maintenance

Residential HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Maximize the Life of Your System with our Total Care Preventative Maintenance Plan

Staying current with your home's HVAC preventative maintenance schedule may seem like a bother to you, but it is crucial to increasing the lifespan of one of the most expensive systems you own. Keeping up with its maintenance will ultimately save precious time and money.

What if you could hand off the responsibility of making sure your HVAC system is maintained correctly? You can with our Total Care preventative maintenance plan!

Our licensed, knowledgeable, and experienced HVAC technicians will visit your home twice a year to perform the maintenance tasks your system needs to run efficiently for the long-term, and you won't even have to remember to call us. We'll give your system a tune-up, change the filters, and make sure it's ready for the heat of summer - or the cold of winter.

Stay on Top of Your HVAC Maintenance the Easy Way

Life is not always predictable, but with Climatech Air's Total Care preventative maintenance plan, you get a little more peace of mind because you'll know your system is ready to work for you when it's needed. A comfortable house at the end of a long day is essential and our team of professionals is committed to providing you with the kind of expert preventative maintenance that ensures you can stay in control of your home's indoor climate.

We will provide routine check-ups on your HVAC unit and diagnose any issues that arise immediately. Routine preventive maintenance is the best way of preventing expensive repairs and replacements. When parts experience failure, it could contribute to other issues that could render your unit irreparable. Routine maintenance will keep all equipment operating effectively so that you never even have to give it a thought. You'll rest easy knowing an expert has given your system a thorough check-up and prepared it for the heating and cooling season ahead.

Other Benefits of Total Care

Our Total Care preventative maintenance plan is much more than two visits a year. Members of Total Care enjoy 24 hour priority scheduling with no trip charge or service call charge, should they have to call for a service problem. Total Care also provides a discount on replacement or repair parts or even on new systems, giving members even more ways to save.

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