3 Ways You May be Unknowingly Decreasing Your Energy Efficiency

Are you Decreasing your Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency is front and center during the summer months as home and business owners endure high energy bills. Sometimes, these high energy bills are the result of things individuals do that can decrease the energy efficiency of their HVAC system. Below are three things you may be doing inadvertently to lessen your HVAC system’s energy efficiency:

HVAC Energy Efficiency Mistake #1: Not Cleaning the Air Filter

A dirty air filter is a leading cause of reduced efficiency and poor indoor quality for most users. When an air filter needs replacing or cleaning, all those airborne contaminants can clog the filter and severely restrict the flow of air. This can drastically reduce the efficiency of an HVAC system.

HVAC Energy Efficiency Mistake #2: Blocking Air Vents

Whether it’s a rug, furniture or storage boxes, many people block the air vents where warm or cool air exits the HVAC ductwork. With blocked vents, the HVAC system won’t heat or cool the indoor areas as it should. This can lead to setting your thermostat to a temperature that is higher or lower than necessary to compensate.

Mistake #3: Not Getting Regular Maintenance

Heating and air conditioning systems need regular maintenance, just like your car does. When it doesn’t get this maintenance, it’s more likely to break down or not work properly. For most people, as long as the HVAC system appears to work, they won’t give it a second thought. This means neglecting maintenance. The HVAC unit’s efficiency will slowly decline as moving parts lose lubrication and air filters get clogged.

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