Checklist for Keeping Your Energy Costs Under Control This Summer

energy costsKeep your Energy Costs Under Control this Summer

The summer season is often a time when a Statesboro homeowner can most appreciate appliances with high energy efficiency.

An air conditioner with high energy efficiency is a great way to keep your energy costs low this summer. However, it’s not always practical to install a brand-new air conditioner. The following checklist provides other ways to save money during the hot months of summer:

#1: Use a fan

The feeling of moving air is a very effective way to feel cooler without running your air conditioner at a lower temperature setting. Fans are cheap and use far less electricity than your air conditioner while being just as effective.

#2: Install Window Shades

Letting in less sunlight during the summer will keep your house much cooler. You can apply films or install shades or curtains to keep out the sun’s rays in the middle of the day.

#3: Adjust Your Water Heater’s Thermostat

In the summer, it’s not likely you’ll desire extra-hot showers, so why keep your water heater set to a temperature that produces extra hot water you won’t use? Instead, turn it down a few degrees. You’ll never notice a difference.

#4: Cook Wisely

Your oven and stove can significantly contribute to the uncomfortable heat inside the home during the summer. If at all possible, try to schedule the stove and oven’s use on days that aren’t as hot or days where you can have the window open to circulate the hot air generated by those appliances into the outside.

#5: Check Your Home for Drafts

Any opening to the outside; such as doors and windows, can provide an opportunity for your cool air to leak outside. Reduce this by checking for leaks. If you find any, install caulk, insulation or weather-stripping as necessary.

For additional methods and tricks for saving energy and improving your energy efficiency in your Statesboro home during the hot summer months, feel free to contact Climatech Air Inc. today.