Three Steps to Alleviating Your Spring Allergies in Your Richmond Hill Home

spring allergiesAlleviate Spring Allergies in your Richmond Home

The spring season brings more pleasant weather, but poorer indoor air quality for allergy sufferers. Here’s what you can do about it.

Indoor air quality matters for the health and comfort of those who live inside your Richmond Hill home. And for those who suffer from allergies, maintaining the quality of indoor air is especially important. Even though most spring allergies originate from outside sources, there are several steps you can take to help alleviate springtime allergies while inside. Let’s take a look:

Step #1: Keep Windows and Doors Closed

It may be tempting to have the windows open when it’s pleasant outside, but doing so can allow pollen to make its way indoors. This can lead to allergy symptoms when inside. But you don’t have to keep the windows closed all the time. When it’s raining outside, the water will scrub the air of pollen. Opening a window while it rains shouldn’t lead to a higher pollen count indoors.

Step #2: Wash and Clean

Pollen sticks to your clothing and body when you are outside; when you come inside, you bring it with you. To reduce the amount of pollen that makes its way indoors and into your respiratory system, take a shower as soon as you get home. Wash your clothes after wearing them outside the home. Additionally, wash your pillow cases and bed sheets frequently.

Step #3: Use an Air Filter

A standalone air filter, especially one with an impressive HEPA rating, can further clean the air of any pollen and unwanted airborne contaminants that can lead to allergies. You can also install a specialized air filter in your HVAC system to capture pollen, dust, dander and other indoor air pollutants. Just make sure you use a filter that your HVAC’s air handler can efficiently use.

If the above steps don’t provide notable relief for your springtime allergies, there could be other causes of indoor air pollution. You’re probably better off contacting Climatech Air Inc. today and speaking with one of our HVAC professionals to learn more about your best options to improve the indoor air quality in your Richmond Hill home.