Four Things You Should Know About Indoor Air Pollution in Your Stilson, GA Home

air qualityAir Quality in your Stilson, GA Home

When it comes to making home improvements, improving the indoor air quality is often ignored. However, air quality can have a long-term and significant impact on the health of those living inside. The following is a list of four things you should know about indoor air pollution:

Fact #1: Indoor Air Quality Can Be Really Bad

The quality of the indoor air can be as much as 60% worse than the air outside. Remember that just because the pollution has no odor doesn’t mean it’s not there or the air is safe to breathe.

Fact #2: Indoor Air Pollution Can Come from Anywhere

It might be easy to assume smoke from a candle or fumes from a cleaning chemical are the only major sources of indoor air pollution. But many other things can cause poor indoor air quality. The indoor air pollution can come from mold in HVAC ductwork, new home renovations, dust, the use of craft supplies or even from the ground itself, in the form of radon. All these can contribute to a significant indoor air pollution problem that can have harmful effects on a building’s occupants.

Fact #3: Indoor Air Pollution Can Cause More Than Just Respiratory Problems

When most people think of ill effects from poor indoor air quality, they think of allergy symptoms or asthma. But the problem can be far worse. According to the EPA, indoor air pollution ranked as the fourth leading cancer risk out of 13 total environmental problems.

Fact #4: Indoor Plants Are Great Ways to Improve Your Homes Air

To improve indoor quality, you must find the sources of indoor pollution. In the meantime, one way to help clean the air of contaminants is to keep house plants inside. Plants such as the spider plant and aloe vera can be very effective air scrubbers.

For more information and guidance about sources of indoor air pollution and ways to improve the air in your Stilson area home, contact our friendly team at Climatech Air Inc. today.