Signs It’s Time to Call in the Experts for an HVAC Maintenance Visit

When to call the HVAC Experts

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HVAC units are large, complex and expensive systems that can benefit from maintenance agreements. With such a sizable investment, you’ll want to make sure it lasts and you get the largest benefit possible. But to do this, proper and regular maintenance is strongly recommended, especially just before the summer or winter seasons. If it’s spring or fall, it’s time for preventative maintenance. Trust the local HVAC experts Climatech Air Inc.

What Are Maintenance Agreements?

Maintenance agreements are plans in which an HVAC professional inspects and conducts routine maintenance of an HVAC system at least once, but often twice per year. The purpose of these inspections is to check up on the HVAC system and make sure it’s working properly and safely.

Benefits of a Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance agreements have a variety of advantages. The specific benefits depend on the maintenance plan an individual enrolls in. However, the following benefits are common:

  1. Automatically scheduled HVAC inspection visits. This takes the guesswork out of finding the right time for the preventative maintenance visit.
  2. Taking care of routine maintenance, such as cleaning or changing air filters.
  3. Inspecting moving parts for damage and lubricating components as necessary.
  4. Fixing any potential problems before they result in major issues, such as frayed wires.
  5. If repairs are necessary, exclusive discounts are available to members of a maintenance agreement.
  6. Those enrolled in a maintenance agreement will have priority for repairs if there is a backlog of HVAC problems in the area.

Why Not Do the Maintenance Yourself?

The average homeowner can handle some maintenance tasks without resorting to an HVAC professional. However, many of the tasks require extensive experience and training, such as identifying potential problems, making necessary repairs and determining both current damage and possible points of future damage within the HVAC system. The average homeowner can’t open up an air handler or air conditioning condenser and identify any potential problems.

If you’re a resident of Jasper or Bryan Counties or surrounding areas and are interested in enrolling in one of the convenient maintenance agreements available, or you’d like more information on how they work and what will take place during a maintenance visit, contact one of our experts at Climatech Air Inc. today.