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Is Humidity Control Making You Uncomfortable?

One of the least talked about but most important aspects of your comfort is humidity control. The summer humidity is way too high in our area. Humidity can cause all kinds of trouble when it is high and when it is low. The solution is to maintain your humidity levels between 35-45% year-round. Let’s look at how this humidity affects your home, your health, and ultimately your comfort.

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Some things are occurring in your home that many do not realize are caused by humidity swings. First, as humidity rises in the summer, all the building materials and furnishings in your home absorb this moisture. This causes wood, hardwood floors, picture frames, trim and more to swell as it absorbs the excess moisture. As the humidity falls in the fall and winter seasons, all the wood, hardwood floors, picture frames, trim and more shrink and release the trapped moisture in the air.

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Secondly, you can see the result of the humidity swings in cracks in your trim, cracks in your hardwood, and any caulking. If your home has collectible antiques, high-end picture frames, or any other pieces of high value, you should know that the rise and fall of humidity are wreaking havoc on these pieces. In addition to the swelling and shrinking of everything in your home, you can also see humidity issues in your well-being.

Humidity Issues

Humidity can also play a big part in the health of everyone living in the home. Any humidity levels higher than 50% will allow mold to grow in and around the house. Sometimes you can see this mold in your bathroom or kitchen, but sometimes this mold is hidden behind sheetrock walls or flooring or trim. If your home is on a concrete slab, this concrete acts as a giant sponge. You can quickly grow a tremendous amount of mold under hardwood floors, carpeting, and tile. Many times, the mold can cause serious health problems for the occupants.

Humidity can wreak havoc on your home, your health, and your comfort. In the winter, your home’s humidity levels should be between 30-35%. In the summer, your home’s humidity levels should be between 35-45%. If you think you might have a humidity problem we can come out and take some measurements.

Humidity Control

In conclusion, the best solution to fix humidity issues in your home is with a new Bryant Evolution Heating & Cooling system.  The Evolution Extreme 26 air conditioner provides comfort for larger spaces, while the Evolution Extreme 24 heat pump is ideal for homes in mild climates. Both are available with convenient features such as wireless remote control, plus an easy-to-use color LCD screen that makes operating your system easier and more enjoyable.

Bryant Evolution™ Extremes offer:

  • Up to 26 SEER cooling efficiency and 8.0 HSPF heating power for increased energy savings
  • Enhanced system design for the quiet performance of up to 58 dB, tested at 7 feet
  • QuietComfort™ sound package offers a choice of three sound profiles that adapt to your hearing needs and preferences while you are in your home
  • Self-diagnostics that continually monitor system operation and alert you if any component requires attention
  • Wireless remote control with an easy-to-use color LCD screen for set point and diagnostic functions
  • Limited warranties on the compressor (first year) and all other covered components (second through fifth years) that are transferable when you register your new equipment
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