Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance

Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance Savannah, GA

At Climatech Air Conditioning we care about your comfort. This is why we encourage our clients to have Spring air conditioning maintenance performed every year. Not only will it help you AC system operate efficiently, it will also save you money in the long run. Ready to schedule your Spring AC service appointment? Call us today!

Bryant Heating and Cooling Tech with dog and heat pump unit

Savannah, GA Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance Check List

To best serve our clients and ensure that our HVAC maintenance services are thorough, we devised a custom checklist that uses the recommendations set forth by Energy Star. Whenever we come to your home or business to perform heating and cooling maintenance services, we’ll work our way through this checklist and also make sure everything is clean, adjusted. We will also lubricate it as needed. We always:

  • Make Sure All Electrical Connections are Tightened and Secure
  • If Needed, Our Tech Will Adjust Your:
    • Gas Pressure
    • Pilot
  • We Will Clean Your:
    • Condensate Drains and also your Condenser Coils
    • Electric Heat Strips
  • We Will Check Your:
    • Motor Voltage & also Current
    • Starting Capabilities
    • Heating & AC Cycles
    • Outdoor/Indoor Coils
    • Safety Functionality
    • Temperature Split and also a Refrigerant Charge
  • We Apply:
    • Lubricant to Your Bearings and also your Motors
    • A Protective Coating

It’s Time To Schedule Your Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance!

Don’t delay! Call our team to schedule your Spring air conditioning maintenance today. During Springtime our schedule fills up quickly. Let us help you stay cool this Spring and Summer. Call now.

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