Two Summer HVAC Troubleshooting Tips from the Experts

Two HVAC Troubleshooting Tips

Climatech Air Inc.

When the heat rolls in, you’ll want to know that your heating and air conditioning system is working as it should and will be ready when you need it most. Trust our experience for HVAC Troubleshooting. Are you unlucky enough to have a broken or failing air conditioner this summer? Here are a couple of tips you can try yourself when troubleshooting your air conditioner:

Troubleshooting Tip #1: Check the Thermostat

A broken thermostat can result in an air conditioner that does nothing but take up space, even if the air conditioner itself is working just fine. The first thing you can do is make sure it’s set to cool. Then, set the thermostat several degrees cooler than the current indoor temperature. If the thermostat is working properly, it should quickly activate the air conditioner.

If it doesn’t activate the air conditioner, your thermostat should at least indicate it recognizes the new temperature setting and is trying to activate it. Depending on the thermostat you may hear it “click” on when it senses the set temperature is lower than the actual indoor temperature.

If the thermostat doesn’t recognize the new temperature and try to turn on the air conditioner, something may be wrong with your thermostat. Check to see if it needs new batteries or if the wiring is okay. If it’s not the batteries, it might be a good idea to seek professional assistance to fix your thermostat.

Troubleshooting Tip #2: Check the Circuit Breakers

Occasionally your HVAC system can trip a circuit breaker. If this occurs, resetting the breaker can restore normal operation to your air conditioner. However, if your HVAC system tripped the breaker, there’s a good chance it will trip it again. If that’s the case, something is likely wrong with your HVAC unit. If it happens again, don’t reset the breakers. Instead, try calling an HVAC professional.

A malfunctioning heating and air conditioning system can be particularly frustrating during the summer season. If the basic troubleshooting tips can’t help you, try contacting our team at Climatech Air Inc. today.